Mental Fitness Summits 2023



Emotional Leadership Summit (Sept. 29th)

Emotional leadership is about learning to embrace, recruit, and manage our emotions as powerful allies to accomplish our highest goals. People are moved to follow our lead, listen to our advice, or take action because we move them emotionally, not just intellectually.  We serve others best when we learn to connect honestly and powerfully with our emotions.

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Relationship Savvy Summit (Oct. 27th)

Relationship savvy is about learning to view relationships as a joint venture where magic happens as everyone's interests are nurtured. We'll explore how to sustain long-term relationships in fulfilling ways (romance, parenting, work, friends). We also consider how to exit and recover from toxic relationships with your sanity intact.

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Managing Your Mind Summit (Nov. 24th)

Managing Your Mind is about learning powerful secrets and effective hacks to make your mind work for (not against) you by reversing negative mental habits into positive ones. Our current view of the world may well be guiding us into a ditch instead of into our destiny. Changing our perspective is one incredible key to opening doors for new opportunities where success is not only possible but becomes real.

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Beyond Your Past Summit (Dec. 20th)

Do you feel trapped by your past, as if you are somehow chained to prior events and can't seem to move forward? In Beyond Your Past, we'll explore the legacy of highly charged, negative events, generally referred to as trauma, and all the ways it impacts us. More importantly, we'll explore keys for dismantling that legacy and finally walking free.  

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