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Mental Fitness Summits 2023

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Our summit schedule for 2023 and 2024 is below. We have an amazing lineup planned! Our goal for these summits is to help people shift from overwhelm, sadness, anxiety, and other negative states into positive, joyful, and fulfilled states by learning what we call mental fitness skills. Mental fitness isn't about rehearsing problems or staying buried in the past, it is about developing skills to meet all of life's challenges and living your best and happiest life now! We can all make improvements and our expert speakers come alongside to provide tips, techniques, services, and secrets to get you there!

How Our Summits Work

We kick off each summit the first day with a live virtual launch. This means we gather up the speakers you'll be hearing from during the summit for a live online 60-90 minute panel discussion. You'll get to meet the speakers, be able to ask questions during the event, and submit questions you most want to have answered on the topic. Following the live launch, you'll receive one email a day for 15-21 days (depending on how many speakers we have) with a link to their interview and links to lots of free gifts! What's not to love? Registration is always free so spread the word! Everyone can join in!


Emotional Leadership Summit
(Sept. 29, 2024)

Emotional leadership is about learning to embrace, recruit, and manage our emotions as powerful allies to accomplish our highest goals. People are moved to follow our lead, listen to our advice, or take action because we move them emotionally, not just intellectually.  We serve others best when we learn to connect honestly and powerfully with our emotions. If you miss the free summit, you can still join as a VIP (modest fee) and receive all the interviews as downloads for lifetime access and study!

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Beyond Your Past Summit
(Nov. 24, 2023)

Do you feel trapped by your past, as if you are somehow chained to prior events and can't seem to move forward? In Beyond Your Past, we'll explore the legacy of highly charged, negative events, generally referred to as trauma, and all the ways it impacts us. More importantly, we'll explore keys for dismantling that legacy and finally walking free. Live launch happens Friday, November 24th with a panel discussion!

Free Registration: Opens Nov. 10th


Managing Your Mind Summit
(Dec. 19, 2024)

Managing Your Mind is about learning powerful secrets and effective hacks to make your mind work for (not against) you by reversing negative mental habits into positive ones. Our current view of the world may well be guiding us into a ditch instead of into our destiny. Changing our perspective is one incredible key to opening doors for new opportunities where success is not only possible but becomes real. Live launch happens Tuesday, December 19th with panel discussion!

Free Registration: Opens Dec. 5th

Mental Fitness Summits 2024

Interested in joining the conversation as an expert on a future summit? Learn more here.


Relationship Savvy Summit
(Jan. 30, 2024)

Relationship savvy is about learning to view relationships as a joint venture where magic happens as everyone's interests are nurtured. We'll explore how to sustain long-term relationships in fulfilling ways (romance, parenting, work, friends). We also consider how to exit and recover from toxic relationships with your sanity intact. Live launch happens Tuesday, January 30th with panel discussion!

Free Registration: Opens Jan. 16th


Emotions Gone Awry Summit
(April 12, 2024)

There are many reasons why people struggle with emotional issues. For some, poor control is part of a physical condition (e.g., brain injury or hormonal imbalance). For other folks, past trauma or mental disorders play a role. This summit explores common causes of emotional dysregulation and, regardless of the cause, provides tips and techniques for taking control back! Live launch happens Friday, April 12 with panel discussion!

Free Registration: Opens March 29th


In the Right Spirit Summit
(July 12, 2024)

Whether you have spiritual beliefs or not, there is a "spirit" to everything we do. For example, if we say someone has a "mean spirit" or a "kind spirit," we are talking about the intentions, motives, and intangible qualities that lie beneath our actions. This summit explores the inherent spirituality present in living beings and how we can tap into this genius for the good of all humans. Live launch happens Friday, July 12th with panel discussion!

Free Registration: Opens July 4th


What the Body Knows 
(Oct. 11, 2024)

As one ancient text says, our bodies are "fearfully and wonderfully made." Research in the last few decades has identified surprising truths about the inherent wisdom of our bodies and the body-mind-spirit connection that offers guidance on a moment-by-moment basis if we will listen. This summit explores the wisdom of our body and how to tune in more efficiently to its important messages. Live launch happens Friday, October 11th with panel discussion!

Free Registration: Opens Sept. 27th


Mindset to Magic Encounter
(Nov. 21, 2024)

We're starting a new tradition by hosting live 20-day, "virtual march" into mindset change to prepare us for the New Year with engines revved, heart full, and ready to better ourselves and the world around us. This encounter is live with Dr. Hickman and YOU! We'll meet online Thursday - Monday (5 days/week) at 6:00 pm Eastern for a Mindset to Magic encounter as we celebrate 2024, plan for 2025, and discuss thriving through the holidays. Stop in and share your thanks, declare positive goals for 2025, or tell us how you plan to make a difference in the coming year. Let's declare a joyous and successful 2025 together! Registrants will receive recorded sessions, so no worries if you miss a day or can't make it live!

Join me live online Thursday - Monday from Nov. 21 to Dec. 16 at 6 - 7 pm EST! 

Free Registration: Opens Oct. 1st