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Commuity Use Policy

The goal of community functions on any of our sites hosted by Mental Fitness Education (MFIT EDU) or Hickman & Hickman LLC (i.e., Mental Fitness, Write Cause, Red Swan Studio, Sanctuary Studio) is to encourage and support the development of supportive community connections. For Mental Fitness Institute and MFIT EDU, this would include mental fitness skills for everyday living through summits, workshops, forums and other products/services as well as through our online community. For The Write Cause, Sanctuary Studios or Red Swan, community would be used to encourage and support creativity and growth through supportive connections with other artists. Because we consider our communities to be one of our top assets, we strive for a strong and consistently positive environment, which means the goal of all interactions, connections and program participation is to provide support and encouragement to other community members and to receive positive support and encouragement in return.

Individuals are entitled to their own opinions and we do not attempt to regulate personal opinions on any matter. However, the expression of such opinions on our Sites which would be considered offensive, condescending, derogatory, profane, pervasively negative or unnecessarily harsh, hateful, or argumentative by any reasonable person viewing such interactions are prohibited and WILL NOT BE TOLERATED

No individual will enjoy every person they meet, nor will anyone totally agree with all the opinions of others or even necessarily appreciate the experience or views of others. This is an expected aspect of diversity and simply represents individual differences. Holding particular opinions or preferences, however, does not grant any individual the right to hurtfully express that opinion to other members of this Site.

This prohibition does not, of course, include opinions or advice provided to others upon request or in the progression of a class or program, nor does it apply to the negative response of other members to such opinions or advice, so long as said opinions are presented in a professional and courteous manner. After all, we must each take responsibility for our personal responses to any situation, even when evoked by others.

Repeated violations (or a single egregious offense) of our Community Use Policy will result in revocation of community and/or site access with NO REFUND of prior fees paid (if applicable). Once access is terminated, the offending party will not be allowed to return to the community in the future. 

Any individual whose typical interaction style would render adhering to this policy unduly difficult should find alternative resources and communities in which to participate that would be more compatible with his/her interaction styles.


NOTEPlease note that Mental Fitness Education (MFIT EDU) is a separate entity from Hickman & Hickman LLC but is included for convenience in that the same community use policies apply. 



Acceptance of Terms



Your Acceptance of These Terms: By using the Site, you accept the policies and restrictions set forth in this Community Use Policy. If you do not agree to this policy, please do not use the Site. This Community Use Policy may be revised from time to time by updating this posting. You are bound by any such revisions and should therefore periodically visit this page to review the then current Community Use Policy to which you are bound.

Last Updated: Most recent review and update on June 22, 2023.