Mental Fitness 

Life can be hard. Skills make it better. 

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mFIT for Life

It's probably easier to understand what mental fitness is by considering what it's not. It's not falling apart at every bump in the road. It's not losing emotional control at the slightest provocation. It's not failing to meet important life obligations like good parenting or financial responsibility.  What mental fitness is all about is skillfully solving a problem rather than being the problem. This is why we say mental fitness is for life: not just yours, but the lives of all those around you.

Get a Feel for our Beliefs and Convictions

And just how much we belief in your potential.

Live Skillfully

We are defined by what we can do, not what we can't.

Do it now.

Take Ownership

We own who we are so we can become something else.

Start today.

Gain Perspective

Good can come from's all in how we view it.

Be open.

Invest in Self

Genuine self-care has nothing to do with selfishness.

Accept it.

Focus on Future

Our past is not a place we go anymore, but our future is.

Look ahead.

Get Connected

We were designed for social connection. It's a feature, not a bug.

Reach out.

Live On Purpose

We find and hit our target by living fully in our purpose.

Single focus.

Make Happiness

Happiness cannot be given. We must build it for ourselves.

Build it.

When Deficits Pose as Disorders

Deficit vs. Disorder

It is easy to confuse a lack of skills with what looks like a mental disorder, especially when we are talking about social, emotional, or mental issues. For example, if we are highly anxious in social settings, some would equate this with social anxiety disorder. But what if we never learned effective social skills in the first place? After all, we cannot know what we never learned.

Deficits Over Time

Not everyone was blessed with warm, supportive childhoods and parents who could teach healthy, prosocial skills or how to resolve conflict. Over time, such deficits may lead to increasingly troubled behavior such as aggression or social withdrawal. While we make look "disordered," the original problem developed from an absence of skills and skill deficits compound over time.

New Skills Matter

The great news is that it's never too late to learn mental fitness skills! No matter how long we've "practiced" negative behaviors, learning positive skills will help turn the tide. With repeated practice over time, we literally rewire our brains to enable new thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, changing the landscape of how we see ourselves and others. Now is a great time to start. You can do this!

Learn more. Do more. Live more.



mFIT Classes

Prepare for success with mental fitness classes (4-6 weeks). Life is hard, but skills make it better, one step at time. Join the journey.

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Mental Mastery

Powerful, 12-month program to challenge and change every area of you. Masters aren't born. They're made. Will you be one?

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mPOWER Retreats

Why not retreat from the world and advance into victory? Take time for a major mental overhaul and genuine spiritual renewal.

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Our Non-Profit Partner:  Mental Fitness Education

While we make every effort to keep our classes and programs affordable, some folks need a little more help. To this end, we donate a different class to every quarter to use as they see fit in meeting their organizational goals, namely to educate the public on the desperate need for mental fitness skills across our nation and, indeed, the world. There has never been a better time to provide folks with the chance to learn real skills for real change. Every day, the news highlights just how much this is so.

By partnering with Mental Fitness Education, our donations mean we can reach an even broader audience and teach the practice of healthy skill development to every age group, to individuals and families, and to other organizations such as churches, small businesses, and corporations. With staggering rates of mental illness, rising rates of suicide, devastating rates of substance abuse, and alarming rates of violence...the time is now. Please visit for more information or to make a donation to this cause.