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Although I am a psychologist by training, I've transitioned my work into the realm of what I termed "mental fitness." To be mentally fit is to have all the skills needed to successfully meet every challenge life throws at us. This doesn't mean we don't stumble and fall down. It just means we don't stay down. Being mentally fit also means we're balanced, not lopsided. Too many of us are excellent at one thing like work, creativity, or relationships, but not so hot at the rest of our life. This simply won't do. It is important to find balance and skillfully manage all areas of our lives if we are to live to our fullest, love to our fullest, and leave behind a meaningful legacy.

~S. E. Hickman, PhD, PsyD

Are You Ready to Start Your Own Mental Fitness Journey? 

As part of my mental fitness practice, I enjoy work, writing, art, music, spirituality, traveling, and spending time with family and my beloved cats. Explore the following pages to discover classes and programs that are geared to assist you on your own mental fitness journey.

Mental Fitness

If you're struggling with issues such as relationships, emotional balance, motivation, parenting, anxiety, depression, or other problems, mental fitness skills can help! 

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MFIT EDU Non-Profit

Mental Fitness Education aims to raise awareness of needed mental fitness skills through public messages (e.g., posters) and low-cost skill-building classes.

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Podcasts & More

For in-depth discussions on mental fitness, subscribe to our podcast, Mind of the Matter. For daily mini-listens on mental fitness tips, subscribe to Mental Fitness Moments.

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Red Swan Studio

We hope to have our studio open sometime in 2024! Come join in the fun with classes in fused glass, hand built pottery and more. Join our email "watch" list for upcoming grand opening and discounts!

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The Write Cause

Writers, join our email list and we'll let you know the date of our next writing summit. You can also explore prior summit topics and sign up for free gifts including upcoming book, Driving Your Characters Insane. 

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Sanctuary Studio

Are you an artist or songwriter needing your project professionally recorded and mastered? Reach out to engineer, producer and lead pianist, Steve Hickman, for a free consultation. Your project awaits!

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The events page will be your one-stop-shop for announcements on upcoming events for Dr. Hickman, Mental Fitness Institute, MFIT EDU (non-profit), Red Swan Studio, and Sanctuary Studio. 

Keep an eye out for great things ahead!

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