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Knowledge is Power. Want Some? 

We offer classes and continue to expand our library because we believe that knowledge is indeed power. Pinpointing the problem, then making a place to correct it means you are much more likely to succeed. Taking classes that help eliminate your skill deficits is a great move toward a better life. Skills can always be learned and your future happiness may well depend on it. When you have everything to gain, what do you really have to lose?

We also offer group coaching with our classes because we know that sometimes having information is not enough...unless you apply it. It is one thing to know, but quite another to act on what you know. This is where coaching is priceless because some of us need the accountability and encouragement to actually follow through on our goals, even for the things we desire most. No more getting stuck in your own head! Coaching can see help you hit a home run.

Mental Fitness Foundations

MODULE 1: Start your mental fitness journey with this foundational module. You'll learn how to embrace and leverage emotions; manage your mind by transforming thoughts, beliefs and perceptions; taking meaningful action to achieve the results you want; and how to cope with life's toughest challenges. 

Emotional Leadership

Leading with emotions doesn't mean being victimized by them. It means leveraging emotions for success.

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Managing Your Mind

Our thoughts and beliefs can propel us into success or chain us in the dungeon of despair. Which do you want?

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Taking Action for Change

No matter what you know or how wise your thoughts...the only thing that leads to change is taking action. Now.

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Coping Skills for Coping Power

Life doesn't pull punches. Whether we collapse in defeat or pick ourselves back up all depends on quality coping.

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Social Leadership

Module 2: Continue your mental fitness journey by leveling up. You'll learn how to move beyond your painful past; become not just skilled in social interactions but a social leader; how to perform in (and attract) healthy, productive, and fulfilling relationships; and the next level in coping skills.

Moving Beyond Your Past

Our past is not a place we should go anymore, but our future is. Learn how to transform past pain into future success.

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Relationship Sass & Savvy

The need for social connection is a feature, not a bug. Connections mean success. Period. Savvy up, my friend.

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Lean into Social Leadership

Take your social skills to the next level and lead. There's never been a better time to hone the skills the get there.

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Coping with the Unexpected

Daily stressors and minor disappointments are one thing. Life-altering events are quite another. This needs next-level coping.

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In the Right Spirit

Module 3: Round out your mental fitness by learning the powerful fact that everything we do has a spirit to it. You'll learn the humble spirit of self-care; the right spirit in all things including spirituality; why the right spirit in your work leads to unparalleled success; and how to set and meet spirit-driven goals.

The Spirit of Creative Self-Care

The truth is that self-care isn't selfish, especially when this means we're able to more effectively give to others.

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The Right Spirit in All Things

There is a spirit to all we do, whether in hate, love, or fear. Setting the right spirit, though, opens the door for blessings.

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The Winning Spirit at Work

The winning spirit? Give and you will receive. Seek and you will find. Take this spirit to work and watch promotion follow.

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Creating Spirit-Driven Goals

In setting goals, the spirit of what we do matters. If we choose to give as much as we get, we reach higher, go further.

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Learn more. Do more. Live more.



mFIT Classes

Prepare for success with our mental fitness programs. Life is hard, but skills make it better, one step at time. Join the journey of your life.

Mental Mastery

Powerful, 12-month program to challenge and change every area of your life. Masters aren't born. They're made. Will you be one?

mPOWER Retreats

Why not retreat from the world and advance into victory? Take time for a major mental overhaul and genuine spiritual renewal.