Books Stats: Predicting the Future?

It's hard to predict where markets will go or what the next "hottest" trend will be in sales and distribution. To be better informed, though, we can at least look at the most recent trends. Bear in mind that statistics on books sales and formats typically lag 12-24 months behind, so what you'll find below is mostly 2017-2018 data with some first quarter 2019 data as available.

Understanding what is happening in the market will help writers make informed decisions as to potential sales expectations and publishing possibilities. That being said, though, we each have to follow our hearts and particular passions -- not merely sales alone -- in deciding what to write and in what format. (This particular topic is covered in an upcoming blog: The Passionate Writer.)

Below you will find the most recent statistics available for sales generated by e-books, audiobooks and hard copy (print). We'll also cover stats on Indie published books and highest sales generated by specific...

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