The Boo, Boo-Hoo and Boo-Boo's of Writing


You're All Invited!

Our October Boo-Fest is coming up and you're all invited to join in the fun! Because part of the vision for The Write Cause is to create a supportive community, what better way to get started than to give everyone an opportunity to introduce themselves? And even better, these introductions will also serve as encouragement for your fellow writers, which is what The Write Cause is all about.

During the last week of October (26-31st), we'll send out a post with community participants who answered the three questions below (you can also include a link to website, book, services, etc., in your response if applicable). The responses to these questions can be in a short video, in written text or a combination of both, whichever is easier or preferred.

Boo-Fest Questions

Since this is our October Boo-Fest, Halloween costumes are welcome! If you love dressing up for Halloween, then don your costume before doing your intro video (or snapping a...

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