Fictional Therapy. It's a Thing.

mindset self-care May 04, 2020

After a long day of work has frayed my nerves and left me exhausted, there are few things I look forward to more than losing myself in a good book. I generally choose fiction for this time of day because I am not tasked with learning new material or reevaluating my shortcomings, neither of which I am well equipped to do when tired. Instead, I have the pleasure of exploring the trials and triumphs of my favorite protagonists or wailing against the evils of insufferable villains. While this, too, may sound too intense, it actually provides a safe avenue for emotional release. This is why I lovingly call it "fictional therapy."

While reading (or listening to a book) is not everyone's favorite pastime, for those who enjoy this activity, it can have genuine psychological benefit. Remember that ruminating on troublesome events (e.g., politics, news of pandemic) or on issues over which we have no control (e.g., the behavior of our boss or our spouse) will create increasing anxiety for most...

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Conquering the Writing Blues Summit

Our summit, Conquering the Writing Blues, is coming April 25th! You will not want to miss this free, online event where you will hear from authors, book coaches, editors and publishers as they discuss the writing craft, how they overcame their own obstacles to complete their writing projects and commentary on the current writing market including debunking myths regarding editing and publishing. Learn tips and techniques from some of the top industry experts!

The summit is intended to encourage writers in their craft because we believe that writers are some of the most important people in society. Powerful ideas change the world and there is no better time-honored method of sharing ideas than the written word.

Our line up of speakers include:

  • Robert Dugoni, Best-Selling Author (e.g., Tracy Crosswhite series), Airing April 25th
  • Rachel Aaron, Sci-Fi and Fantasy Author (e.g., Heartstrikers Series), Airing April 26th
  • Crystal Watanabe, Pikko's House, Editing Services, Airing April...
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On the Night Breeze

general inspiration Apr 06, 2020

If you're like me, good ideas sometimes seem to float in on the night breeze, like some angelic visitor slipping in unseen who does her heavenly work and then steals away before first light. Upon awakening, I am enlightened by her midnight ministrations as I discover the gift left behind...a beautiful that falls upon me like manna from heaven.

No, no, I realize it's not always this easy. Some ideas are birthed in the tiresome work of mental grind, the labor of which is borne painfully in our conscious awareness and for which we feel every excruciating contraction. These ideas are no less lovely to behold, however, once wrenched from our inner selves and delivered into the squalling light of day.

The notion of creating The Write Cause certainly felt like the former, but it most likely stems from both. After years of working within my passion to help others, it is this particular progeny, this cause, that I've come to love the most. Perhaps it is because this effort...

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Welcome to The Write Cause! We are so excited to launch our site and we hope you are equally excited to be a part of it. As you will soon discover, we are all about supporting writers in reaching their goals, which generally means completion of their writing project and on to successful publication, whether in traditional or indie format.

Our support will take multiple forms, so here's the lineup:

  • Weekly writing tips through our blog.
  • Online classes for skill-building.
  • Specialized workshops in our Spring/Fall Write Cause Celebrations.
  • Online Summits (series of interviews with authors and industry professionals on a specified topic).
  • Specialty programs (additional cost above membership) designed to help you dig deep into a particular area for maximum growth. Examples of these include WriteON (12-month writing bootcamp), WriteMARK (in-depth marketing lab), WriteEDITS (editing lab) and WritePUB (publishing lab).
  • Safe community (see Community Use Policy) designed...
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