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Well, it's messy business, but...

We all have our happy place. Mine is in the studio doing anything creative. This might be writing a story, creating a fused glass piece, making glass Christmas ornaments, crafting a hand-built pottery box, grinding rocks into power to make paint...who knows! Part of mental fitness is not only being productive in our work but opening up our creative space to live just a little bit louder and smile a whole lot more. When Red Swan Studio opens...we hope you'll come find your happy place in one of our classes. Hope to see you sometime in 2024!

Decorative Glass

Fused glass can be cut to any shape to create any landscape, object, or abstract piece you desire. The only limitation is the size of your imagination.

Classes Coming Soon!

Functional Glass

You can also use glass powder in molds to create these beautiful boxes. Most lids had resist applied and sandblasted to leave a beautiful pattern.

Classes Coming Soon!

Sun Catchers

You use transparent glass in any pattern you like to create sun catchers which simply means you hang you art in a window and enjoy the light show.

Classes Coming Soon!

Christmas Ornaments

There's nothing better to get you in the spirit of giving than making one-of-a kind ornaments to hang on your tree and give to friends and family!

Classes Coming Soon!

Garden Art

When the winter chill fades and we all start thinking "spring planting," then you know it's time for glass art to make your garden space the talk of the town.

Classes Coming Soon!

Hand Built Pottery

All I can say is that so far, no wheel is in my future. I love the laid-back nature of hand building pottery and the wide range of decorative elements to add.

Classes Coming Soon!