The Advantages of Community 

Some memberships offer such incredible value, they're worth every penny. And with us, your pennies go way farther than most because membership is FREE. With a value this stupid-good, it's truly a no-brainer. Read a little further and we think you'll whole-heartedly agree. Join in the fun!

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It's Never Too Late to Learn

The beautiful thing about being a writer (and perhaps sometimes the most frustrating) is that there is always something new to learn. Our growth simply never stops because neither does our creativity. As many different ways as you can imagine it, so are the many ways of doing it. Our goal is to keep feeding you new tips, techniques, strategies and opinions until you grow into your best writing yet.

It's Never Too Late to Enjoy

Genuine connections lighten the heart, making us feel valued and valuable. When we positively connect with others, we feel seen and heard and our partner feels the same. Our world is so full of sadness and negativity that many writers feel the call to take up the cause of humanity, whether in story or song or memoir. Let the healing community begin here: with you, with me, together. Share your wisdom and join us!

It's Never Too Late to Start

While all writers need support (published or not) and even advanced writers still learn from others, we have a particular heart for unpublished authors. One of our primary missions is to help authors find their voice and learn writing basics. WriteON Bootcamp, for example, is a paid 12-month program dedicated to getting that book to completion! Deadlines, however, are complimentary!

Check Out These Membership Benefits

To be a free service, our membership is packed with benefits that will keep growing and growing as we add more classes, post more blogs, host more summits and engage more industry professionals. Please be patient with us as we add more content and offer more services. Building takes time! Such great fun is to be had by all!

Virtual Summits

Free entrance to summits and access to all past summit recordings with summaries and cheat sheets.

Craft-Building Workshops

Free classes and access to low-cost specialty workshops during our Fall and Spring Write Cause Celebrations!

Helpful Connections

Need an expert opinion, editor or coach? We will happily help you find one. Nothing in it for us but goodwill.

Weekly Tips

Books, conferences, resources, tips, and more! We curate content for you and our blogs reveal the skinny!

Positive Community

Our carefully crafted positive environment offers support, alliances and self-organizing groups.

Write Cause Programs

Bargain prices on all stand-alone programs (e.g., WriteON, WriteMARK, WritePUB and WriteEDIT).

Really, Why Wait?

With free membership and products and services continually added, there's truly nothing to lose and only great learning in store! 

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