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Classes Begin Spring 2021

We are hard at work behind the scenes getting ready for a Spring 2021 launch! Access to free classes is included in membership! We are excited to roll these out and hope you will be, too! If you have a particular topic you'd like to see in a class or workshop, drop us a suggestion in the Suggestion Box. We would love to hear from you. Our goal is to deliver exactly what you need, right on time!  

It's Time to Get in the Writing Mind!

Our classes are designed to prepare you for success right out of the gate. 
The trouble with not knowing is that you don't know what you don't know until you do.

In The Writing Mind

When it comes to writing, indecision and self-doubt will tank your project before you even start. Learn common myths associated with failure to launch and how to get in the writing mind to prepare for success.

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Starting with Why

Writing is fun but hard and getting published can be harder still. Indeed, self-publishing has its own challenges, too. Playing the long game means being fully aware and anchored solidly in your "why!" 

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Picking Your Genre

Deciding what type or writing to do is one step out of the gate. In this class, we'll start with fiction vs. non-fiction, then tour the common conventions for specific genres to get you pointed in the right direction.

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Outliners vs. Organics

Yes, I know it's called "pantsers" but I prefer the term "organics." Whether you plot via outline or write organically is up to you. This class explores the pros and cons of both, including hybrid methods. Discover what works best for you! 

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Finding Your Voice

An author's voice is what makes their particular style of story telling unique. The stronger our voice, the more we stand out from the crowd. This feels intangible at first but develops more clearly over time. This class explores developing your unique voice.

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Myths of Inspiration

Let's get one thing straight: inspiration is amazing, incredible, wonderful -- and fickle. If you wait for inspiration to strike, you may never write. In this class, discover the common myths and reliable hacks to woo inspiration.

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Making Space & Making Time

Most writers enjoy many moments of inspiration as great ideas spring forth. But if we do not turn our ideas into story, they die in our heads. This class explores solutions to making space and making time for the writing life.

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The Value of Stuck

No one wants to talk about it, but we all hit the wall at one point or another and temporarily can't see the way forward. Yet, there is value in being stuck. Learn important reasons why stuck can be helpful and how to turn these times to your advantage.

Coming Soon!

Mistaken Identity

Peer critiques are a necessary part of writing. Yet, many writers find this challenging because it's so easy to mistake critique for criticism. This class helps writers learn how to joyfully embrace and employ feedback.

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Mastering the Craft for Speed and Endurance

You've taken a giant leap forward and bounded right out of the gate. Way to go!
Now it's time to dig deep and run nose to nose with the best. You can do it! We know you can.

Story Elementals I

Before diving into your first story, a basic understanding of the structural elements of story is very helpful! Otherwise, it's like trying to build a house without realizing you need doors, windows or light fixtures!

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Story Elementals II

Part II continues the exploration of story structure. There is so much to consider that we've broken it down into two classes. We want to make sure you have time to think and work through the elements before pouring on any more!

Coming Soon!

Plotting Along

Developing your plot covers a lot of territory and the choices are almost endless! However, there are tried-and-true elements as well. This class hits the broad strokes to sensitize you to various plotting considerations.

Coming Soon!

Points of View

The POV in your story is crucial. As the narrator's description of events, POV filters everything that happens. This class covers the differences between the four different POV to help you choose the best one for your story.

Coming Soon!

Show & Tell

We've all heard the adage "show don't tell," but what does that actually mean? This class peels back the cover on the function of showing as well as telling and when each is appropriate. We'll show and tell you!

Coming Soon!

Character Arcs

Character arcs are the inner transformations that occur for characters over the course of a story in response to events. This class helps you explore the motives and types of arcs best befitting your characters.

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Scenes & Descriptions

Compelling scenes move the reader toward your story's resolution. Description creates vivid and believable depictions of people, places, action and events. Learn how to do both and hook your reader for the entire ride!

Coming Soon!

Making it Real

Getting well-known facts wrong in your story is a quick way to lose a reader. We are, after all, asking readers to suspend disbelief in fiction. One way to prevent such faux pas is ample research! Learn the ins and outs of making it real.

Coming Soon!

Dynamic Dialogue

The art of dialogue is getting your characters talking to each other in such a way as to vividly reveal who they are, why they're behaving as they are and what's coming next in your story. Learn what makes dynamic dialogue!

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