Red Suan Studio


If you're all glassy eyed for fused glass art, I feel ya. Bandaids are free.

The Magic and Power of Glass

I suppose it is the color that causes me to stand transfixed. From vibrant oranges and tantalizing blues to pulsating reds and calming greens, the colors bend and dance in the light. To then create a virtual landscape of hues and tones is the joy of abstract artist and realist alike. Working with glass is not for the faint of heart, though, as bleeding is part of the bargain.

We've long known that color affects our moods and creates a sense of safety or a psychological storm. I suppose the psychologist in me is as aware of this affect as the artist. Aesthetics have always had to power to move us and no better means of finding respite than surrounding ourselves with beauty. Stay tuned for a closer look at Red Suan Studio.