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S. E. Hickman, Ph.D., Psy.D. founded The Write Cause in 2019. A psychologist by training, Dr. Hickman developed a private coaching practice dedicated to supporting creatives who wished to share their knowledge and expertise with the world. She worked with authors in achieving specific goals as they planned their project, worked through common obstacles, and navigated mental and emotional challenges or other unforeseen difficulties that arose throughout the creative process. With a focus on solving problems rather than being captured by them, clients learned how to remain firmly focused on writing goals, consistently meet deadlines, and practice healthy mental management skills to keep them moving forward and into completion.

In working with individual clients, Dr. Hickman was inspired to found The Write Cause as a means of providing a greater range of supportive services beyond coaching, not only for her own clients but for writers at large. Our team firmly believes that every person has something to say that will potentially elevate humanity, if only to a small degree. After all, if we have cause to write, we must also have the courage to share. Helping writers find their voice and develop skills for masterful expression are core callings and passions of The Write Cause.

The Cause to Write

The Write Cause aims to support the aspirations of writers from idea conception to the planning stages, throughout the writing process, and into the editing and publishing phases. We believe writers are some of the most important people in the world because writing is one of the most powerful means of sharing ideas. Powerful ideas, after all, have shaped and reshaped our world since written symbols were invented and important ideas preserved. Where would we be without the inventive, scientific and creative masterpieces of history? What amazing and life-altering ideas are being penned right now and by whom? If that work does not traverse from pen to page to publication, we may never know.


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