The Boo, Boo-Hoo and Boo-Boo's of Writing


You're All Invited!

Our October Boo-Fest is coming up and you're all invited to join in the fun! Because part of the vision for The Write Cause is to create a supportive community, what better way to get started than to give everyone an opportunity to introduce themselves? And even better, these introductions will also serve as encouragement for your fellow writers, which is what The Write Cause is all about.

During the last week of October (26-31st), we'll send out a post with community participants who answered the three questions below (you can also include a link to website, book, services, etc., in your response if applicable). The responses to these questions can be in a short video, in written text or a combination of both, whichever is easier or preferred.

Boo-Fest Questions

Since this is our October Boo-Fest, Halloween costumes are welcome! If you love dressing up for Halloween, then don your costume before doing your intro video (or snapping a selfie). We'd love to see it! This is not required, of corse, as your everyday face will be just fine, too!

To make this fun, we're asking you to answer three questions related to Boo, Boo-Hoo and Boo-Boo's of writing. Questions can be answered in any way, based on your own writing experience (i.e., there are no right/wrong or expected answers). Be sure to introduce yourself first and tell us where you're from and include a link if you want other community members to get to know you more!

  • Question #1 BOO: What surprises you most about your own writing, your writing process or about the writing world in general (pick one)?
  • Question #2 BOO-HOO: What frustrates you the most about your own writing, the writing process or the writing world in general (pick one) and how have you overcome it or what have you learned from it?
  • Question #3 BOO-BOO: Looking back on your writing/publishing experience, describe a particular mistake you made and how you overcame it or what you learned from it? 

Part of being healthy as a human being (and a writer) is learning how to look back on what you've learned, even the painful lessons, and pull the good out of it. Even more healing is to share your hard-won knowledge with others so that they might avoid the same painful lesson.

How to Submit and Submission Deadline

You can submit your answers, video and/or pic to: Just note that email can have file size limitations for pics and video (see below for other options).

Please submit by October 23rd so we can include you on the Boo-Fest Parade from October 26 - 31st.

If it is easier for you, you can respond to the questions via survey: October Boo-Fest Survey.

Submission Format

Choose one of the formats below to submit your answers.

  • OPTION #1: Written Response Only
    • Selfie Pic:  Be sure to include if you're only doing text response without video.
    • Written Answers: Email written answers to three questions if you're not answering the questions in a video format (or use survey link above).
  • OPTION #2: Text and Video Combination
    • Video Intro: Send a very short video just saying hi, tell us your name and where you're from (e.g., 5-10 seconds). We hope everyone will at least do this! It would be great to see and hear from you!
    • Written Answers: Email written text in which you answer the three questions (or use survey link above).
  • OPTION #3: Video Response Only
    • Introduce yourself and answer three questions in a short video (keep to 2-3 minutes or less).
    • This is super easy for some folks, but video is NOT required (e.g., you can choose Option #1 without video). 

Sending Video

Since sending video may exceed gmail file limitations, you can send:

  • Using Google Drive: Simply attach to email like normal and if the file is too big, it will send me a link to the Goggle Drive file.
  • You can try compressing the file before sending and that might be enough for it to go regular email.  
  • You can also use This is free, no registration is required and can handle up to 2 GB in size.

If you use gmail, then sending with Google Drive link is probably the easiest.

Submission Word and Size Limit

Please keep your submission to 500 words or less. If you have a lot more you want to say on the topic (or other writing topics), consider submitting a guest post to The Write Cause. Guest posts are welcome! Just bear in mind that the focus of our blog is on encouraging writers or helping writers learn something new.

For videos, please keep to 2-3 minutes or less (and under 2 GB).


Invite Your Friends!

Anyone can submit, so if you have a writer friend who would enjoy participating, feel free! They'll just need to REGISTER on our site to receive the October Boo-Fest emails.

Community Boards are On the Way!

Part of our vision for The Write Cause is to create a community of writers where folks can meet new writer friends and generally be supportive of each other. I'm working on a community platform and hope to have it up by the end of October.

I look forward to hearing from you, reading your submissions and learning more about you!


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