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No, no. We won't chain you to your desk, but sometimes accountability is just the ticket you need for success. We want to make sure you develop the skills you need for the task at hand.
And then we'll help you toe the line. 

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Weekly Tips

We're always on the hunt for good resources, classes, and conferences...or diving into books, blogs and articles published on the writing craft. The point is to keep rolling out timely (or timeless) tips week after week to improve your craft. We'll post these on our blog in addition to announcements and news of upcoming services. And if you have a tip you'd like to share, let us know or write a guest post!

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Let the Classes Begin

Classes coming to our virtual studio in Fall 2020! Our approach to instruction is bite-sized because we believe small chunks consumed over time and immediately applied leads to the best learning and maximum retention. We'll pull in experts with various angles on a topic, provide downloadable workbooks and assign action steps for immediate application. Get ready! Success just ahead!

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Summit Series

One of the ways we continually add value for our members is through our virtual summits. We totally enjoy reaching out to community experts such as best-selling authors, editors, book coaches, publishers, agents, marketing experts and more so we can bring you the latest wisdom on all things writing. There's nothing like getting updates "from the field" on current tips, trends, and techniques. You're welcome!

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Make Your Mark

Coming Fall 2021! As you prepare for publication, marketing is now a fact of life for all authors. In reality, you are more likely to find an agent and publisher if you have a platform already established (e.g., author website, healthy email list, social media presence). This program dives deep into establishing your trifecta of marketing magic. Crying and cursing allowed, but we hope you won't have to.

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WriteON 365

Coming Summer 2021! We'll be ringing in the new year with the launch of our WriteON Bootcamp. Students will spend 365 days tackling tasks such as setting up an author site, learning email marketing, deciding on a book topic, learning how to write through obstacles and finishing the year with a completed first draft. With lot of support and plenty of deadlines, this means done, done and done!

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Publication Primer

This publication lab is intended to assist you and ensure completion of all the necessary steps prior to publication: 1) completing your manuscript in full with as much story polish as possible, 2) completing multiple rounds of peer reviews and beta readers and incorporating suggestions and critiques as needed, 3) completing intensive self-edits and, if applicable, 4) sending your manuscript out for professional editing. We will cover choosing an agent and how to avoid common mistakes while you write your query letter.

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Editing Lab Intensive

This lab walks you through the steps for intensive self-editing. You'll be exercising your muscles through the different editing stages from developmental edits to final proofing. This is not to say you won't then hire a professional editor. The purpose of the lab is to practice wearing an editor's hat and viewing your work from a different lens, polishing and perfecting the manuscript as far as you possibly can.

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So Much to Offer...So Much to Learn!

We're running the gauntlet as we prepare to launch the various aspects of our free membership site. But we're so excited to begin welcoming new members. Regardless of whether you stick to our ample free membership benefits or purchase an add-on program at some point in the future, you will find that our heart is always geared toward outstanding services at the lowest possible price (or free). We exist to support writers - period - so all our efforts run in this direction. Feel free to offer helpful suggestions in our Suggestion Box. We'd be happy to hear from you.

Welcome to Our House

Community is a big deal. Our house is built on respect, integrity, helpfulness and creativity. Join us in creating a warm and positive "family" home.

Honoring Your Cause

We believe in writers so much that your cause becomes ours. We aim to help you find clarity in your purpose and offer ample support for expressing it!

Calling on Coaches

Sometimes we hit roadblocks that stop us dead in our tracks. If you're stuck, we can match you with a coach to get you moving forward again.

Sharing Your Work

Before spending money on an editor, it is crucial to have your work peer reviewed (not by family)! Find a critique group in our community at no cost.

Bring On the Editor

Once you've completed your draft, had it peer reviewed, and polished it as far as you can...it's time to call in the editor. We have connections!

The Passion to Publish

Once editing is done, it's time to decide on publishing options. While we can't get you a publisher, we can teach you how to make it more likely.

Terry Whalin

Author of 60+ Books
Acquisitions Editor

Roy Peter Clark

Author, Teacher, Writing Coach
Writing Tools

Liam Carnahan

Content Strategist & Editor
Invisible Ink Editing, Australia

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